Our Teachers

Classrooms typically have two teachers, a Lead Teacher and a Co-Teacher, who together provide lower than average student-to-teacher ratios. Our teachers show their dedication through their compassion for the emotional well-being and intellectual advancement of their students. Our Lead Teachers have a college degree in an education-related field, or the equivalent, and experience working with children. Our experienced Co-Teachers may also have college degrees.

There is a strong belief in continuing education at the School. We provide a week of training in August before the school year begins. During this week the staff learn, renew, update and review the School’s policies and procedures, the curriculum and expectations, current educational best practices and more. As the year progresses, teachers are encouraged to pursue continuing education outside of the school through programs offered by the Department of Social Services, local colleges and universities, and other organizations such as the Wolftrap Foundation.

Village Green provides many opportunities for teachers to collaborate with and mentor their peers. There are three teacher meetings held monthly with our Preschool Staff. The Extended Day and School Age Childcare lead teachers meet monthly together with administration and nearly daily on a casual basis, to discuss ways of improving the children’s experiences in the afternoon. These meetings provide perfect opportunities to utilize the skills and knowledge of our highly-experienced staff and administration to better our programs.