Our School

Class Offerings

  • Tender Tot’s Class (18 months – 23 months)
  • 2-Year-Old Class
  • 2½ to 3-Year-Old Class
  • 3-Year-Old Class
  • Young 4’s Class (3 ½ – 4-Years-Old)
  • Pre-Kindergarten Class
  • Junior Kindergarten Class (4½ – 5-Years-Old)
  • Traditional Kindergarten
  • Montessori Class (2½ – 6 Years-Old)

With our variety of Preschool and Kindergarten classes, we can accommodate students of various developmental and chronological ages. Children are enrolled in the same class for the entire school year. To be eligible for a class, students must reach the requisite class age by September 30th of the school year to start in the class. Children must meet the standards for the program and returning students must be recommended by their current teacher. Come for a tour, learn more about our programs, and let us help you to make a plan for your child’s experience at Village Green Day School.

Potty Training and Bathroom Independence

All children enrolled in Montessori and Traditional Preschool, 3’s, Young 4’s, PK, JK and Kindergarten classes must be fully bathroom independent. Children enrolled in the 2-Year-Old and 2 ½-3-Year-Old Traditional Preschool classes do not have to be bathroom independent.


Assessments are ongoing within the classroom. Teachers record their observations and adjust the lessons at the whole group level, and at the individual level, based on the knowledge they gain while working with the children. Teachers contact parents throughout the year if they have concerns about how a child is progressing. Three times a year, in November, January, and June, the teachers hold a conference with the parents to communicate and share how their child’s progress.