At VGDS, the Montessori class is part of the whole School and is integrated into the School community.

The Montessori philosophy and pedagogy is preserved in VGDS’s Montessori classroom. We follow the whole school curriculum for activities and specialist classes Library, Art, Fitness, Music, Concerts, French (Kindergarten only) and Assemblies.

The goal of a Montessori education is to assist the child in becoming a complete, socially and intellectually integrated Human Being by the time he/she reaches adulthood. It is not about intellectual or academic excellence though that may occur.

To reap the learning benefits of the Montessori pedagogical program, the child should complete the three to four year designed curriculum, culminating in the Kindergarten program.

The Montessori Classroom:

  • Practical Life: activities in daily living
  • Sensorial: exercises in size, shape, color, discrimination
  • Mathematics: exercises that cultivate understanding of basic mathematical concepts
  • Language: activities that encourage language development and lead to reading and writing
  • Science and Geography: activities that allow exploration of nature and the environment and cultivate awareness of cultural differences while learning the continents
  • The role of the Montessori Directress is to prepare the environment, and guide each child toward individual exploration, self-discipline, independence of thought, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others. For more information on the Montessori Method, click here.

Montessori Class Offerings


Age 2½ to 4 years by September 30th
Must be bathroom independent
8:1 Student Teacher Ratio
3 1/2 Hours Monday, 4 Hours Tuesday – Friday
5 days per week (all ages)

Montessori Kindergarten

Age 5 years by September 30th
8:1 Student Teacher Ratio
3 1/2 Hours on Monday, 6 hours Tuesday – Friday
5 days per week