Mission & Vision

Village Green’s Mission is to provide our children and families with a loving home away from home by intertwining a compassionate, nurturing environment with a challenging curriculum that meets the needs of the whole child, thus creating a school community

“Where Learning Feels Like Family.”

Our Vision Statement is a combination of an enduring core ideology, plus anticipated progress for the future. The critical element of our vision is how deeply we believe its ideology and how consistently it lives, breathes, and expresses itself in who we are at Village Green.

“Where learning is stimulated by a school that sets the standard by which all others are judged.”

The Core Values of Village Green are the cornerstone of the School. These values serve as the guiding force that reinforces our vision. These Core Values helped create the energetic spirit that has become the heart and soul of Village Green.

  • Community: We, as a collective unit, strive to assure a safe, bountiful, and productive environment for our VGDS children.
  • Responsible Citizens: The School Promise Character Connection is designed to inspire our students to become well-educated, responsible and valued citizens.
  • Respect: Our students will be taught to have respect for the beliefs and values of others.
  • Ethics: Our students will be encouraged to develop an ethical standard that is unchanging in the face of an ever-changing world.
  • Honor: Our students have the obligation to use all the advantages that have been afforded them. It is our purpose to support and guide their efforts in achieving their full potential.
  • Growth: It is our goal to build up the whole child, which includes physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Village Green’s Core Purpose is:

“To make a significant contribution to society through educational excellence.”