Junior Kindergarten

In Village Green's Junior Kindergarten program, students progress at their own speed with individual attention from highly trained teachers. Each child moves onto the next educational level when he or she is ready.

The academic subjects (reading, writing, language, mathematics, social studies, geography, and science are introduced using specially designed materials. Students then move on to a more abstract level as their skills develop.

Junior Kindergarten is a developmental program emphasizing the social, physical and academic skills that will ensure educational success. The class dismisses at 1:30 pm and includes lunch. Applicants for Junior Kindergarten may be 4 years 6 months old by September 30 to be considered for placement. New students to Village Green may have a Gesell Observation Screening to be considered for the Junior Kindergarten program.

To determine a child's developmental age and kindergarten readiness, Village Green Day School may administer a Gesell Developmental Observation screening. Over the years, the Gesell Institute of Human Development has screened thousands of children to establish norms for the rate of development. Educators have found this evaluation to be accurate, reliable, and valid. The Gesell screening, used as part of the placement process helps determine a child's readiness for Junior. For all Junior Kindergarten applicants, new to VGDS, the Gesell Observational screening may be required.

The School will contact the parents of any child whose screening results indicate a need for further evaluation. Students who require remedial help with developmental skills receive extra help in class or they may be counseled into our Junior Kindergarten Program.

Parents and guardians are welcome to review screening results with the Head of School. Transcripts of these scores, as well as other pertinent information about their child, are forwarded to the child's new school, with parental permission.