Fun at Fractured Prune!!

The Extended Day field trip to Fractured Prune was pure delight! We traveled together on our buses (some riding for the very first time) to the creative donut shop in Leesburg. We sat on cushy stools as we watched and learned about the batter turning into an ‘O’. The ‘O’s were fried, then down the conveyor belt they went where they picked up and brought to the toppings station. We talked about how a glaze was like sugar glue that helped our toppings stay on. Each child was able to create their own delicious donut with chocolate and marshmallow glazes being the fan favorites. They added their own toppings to boot.

After we created our donuts, we enjoyed them together picnic style with our friends. There was a fun play area to climb, jump, and run out all that sugary goodness. We then hopped back in the buses, and headed back to the school with the biggest smiles and loudest giggles. It was definitely a fun day to remember!

Thank you to all our chaperones and teachers for making the day so special!! We appreciate it so much!