Village Green Day School is a nonsectarian preschool with kindergarten and after-school care that serves the needs of the rapidly expanding Northern Virginia area.

Where Learning Feels Like Family

Where learning is stimulated by a school that sets the standard by which all others are judged. 


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We, as a collective unit, strive to assure a safe, bountiful, and productive environment for our VGDS children.

The Village Green Day School curriculum has been designed to integrate the essential elements of various models of early learning. It is a comprehensive and sequential program of learning from infancy to kindergarten. Montessori, Piaget, Gesell, Erikson, Vygotsky and other traditional preschool practices have all influenced our teaching and assessment methods. Village Green recognizes that the element necessary for optimal development of each child is the bridge connecting parent, teacher, and child. Parents are encouraged to be part of all facets of their child's school experience.




The Core curriculum includes language, vocabulary, and common sayings; stories, folk and fairy tales, nursery rhymes and poetry; music and artwork. These components are part of a “culture” and without familiarity with those elements, it is difficult to understand and comprehend the meaning. Great Falls Village Green Day School is a Core Knowledge Visitation School. In order to achieve Visitation School status, the School completed a rigorous training and observation process in 2007; we have successfully maintained, and are committed to continuing to maintain the approved Visitation status.